Photography by Nikki Vig - Wisconsin Based Photographer
Lambeau Field Atrium

Lambeau Field Atrium

Thank you for your interest in my work! I have pursued photography as a hobby on and off for about 20 years. This is my living archive of images and digital art. Take a look around, and allow me to share the beauty I see everyday with you!  

I shoot a variety of subject matter, the sky really is the limit.  Besides the night sky, you will find plenty of animals, antiques and travel landscapes.  

Feel free to share my work on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  Use the share button  after clicking to open a larger image.  (Share button is the first one on left, under any picture.)  You can share anything that interests you. Photography is meant to be viewed, shared and enjoyed.     

If you like an image enough to purchase it, great.  Wonderful, I appreciate that.  It helps me afford additional gas for traveling.  In exchange, I offer you very reasonable pricing and carry a slew of products. 

Now, grab a cold drink and sit back and enjoy all the beauty that the Midwest has to offer.

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